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Between Earth & Sky

Laughing Horse
Portland, Oregon
Sat Oct 19th. 2013

Multi-Cam starts at 23:40

Additional footage by Nick Gattman


The Reverence 
Melbourne, Australia
Dec 12th 2013

Dusty. Such a good ship dog. Thanks for the present @guertinj #ship #dogwithabow

Dusty. Such a good ship dog. Thanks for the present @guertinj #ship #dogwithabow


Laughing Horse

Portland, Or

Sat. October 19th

Carrion Spring

Laughing Horse

Portland, Or

Sat. October 19th

Philadelphia photographer Hannah Price is documenting what it’s like to be sexually harassed on the streets. In her series titled “City of Brotherly Love,” Price captures candid moments before and after male strangers make a glance or exchange words of a sexual nature.

I was lucky enough to be contracted by FARM this summer to make them a couple videos about their 10 billion lives campaign. This video is the five minute promo, showcasing what the traveling campaign is about.

Learn more at

Warning: Graphic footage of animal treatment in factory farms at 2:30-2:45

Earth First!: An Insider’s Historical Analysis by Karen Coulter

Earth First! has emerged as a unique US social movement and alternative culture that has impacted far beyond its targets of industry and ecological destruction. Over the course of decades it has evolved repeatedly, harboring both elements of the right and left and all of the nuances in between. Karen Coulter discusses the history of the movement, its important successes and failures, current trends, and critiques to help it sustain into the future.

from the 2013 Resistance Ecology Conference in Portland, Oregon.

Animal Rights & Anarchism - Scott Crow & Josh Harper

This panel will discuss the relationship animal rights has had to anarchism in the US, the role of the state in animal exploitation, and how bridges can be built to better organize for the future.

Braveyoung preforms ‘No Cure’ at St. Valentines in Portland, Oregon.