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Have you ever been to the beautiful community of Flagstaff, AZ? If you have, you know something special is in the air. The people of Flagstaff are welcoming and friendly, you can see nature around you nearly wherever you are, and the air is fresh as can be. Even if you haven’t been, you have probably heard about the beautiful environment that surrounds the city.

When most people think of Flagstaff, they may think of college (NAU), or the wonderful hot cup of vegan hot chocolate at Macys. But when we think of Flagstaff, we think of the sacred San Francisco Peaks and the community of resistance to save the beautiful mountains. The campaign to save the San Francisco Peaks has been going on for years, but it has been increasingly active the past year. Right now, the legal campaign to save the peaks is all tied up in the courts, but that hasn’t stopped the passion of the community who decided to take action into their own hands and lock down in an act of civil disobedience. Acts of civil disobedience have successfully halted the daily clear-cutting and pipeline excavation plans on multiple occasions costing Snowbowl, the company at fault a substantial amount of money and resulting in nearly 30 arrests of activists in the past year alone.

After our trip to Flagstaff, and discussing the situation with Jeneda and Clayson, we knew we wanted to help. We decided that we wanted to put together a benefit shirt that do two things; Help with the legal fund of those who locked down, and spread the word about the desecration of the sacred San Francisco Peaks. Our friend Matt Gauck was able to create what we had in mind perfectly with this beautiful design! We are really excited to present the shirt to you all, and we hope you like it too! We hope it helps spread the message of the ‘Save The Peaks’ campaign and we hope you help as well! Feel free to click the picture of the shirt to be brought to our store. Thank you for your time, and we hope you help us raise money for a good cause! The shirts are %100 organic cotton / USA made/sweatshop free!